Thursday, December 4, 2008

Queerview Cinemas

Living next to a movie theatre is a great thing.

My apartment overlooks the backside of Clearview Cinemas on 23rd. Every Thursday they have a discounted 7pm showing of a camp classic...Baby Jane, The Women (NOT that ghastly 2008 remake)...hosted by drag-on lady Hedda Lettuce.

I just caught TWILIGHT (trailer above). WHAT is the big dealio? ROBERT PATTINSON's nice enough to gawk at, but the film (pardon the pun) pales next to bloodsucking classics like Lost Boys I and II, and 1979's Dracula with Frank Langella (which I'll cover in a future post on TrashBulb). Twilight has some quirky Lynchian touches (Twin Peak-y sets, camera shots held uncomfortably long), but otherwise it's completely missable. A family of kindly chalk-white superpowered vampires moves to rainy Washington state and seeks to keep their undead-ness a secret by sending their kids to PUBLIC school? All the while avoiding their ancestral Native American bad-hair-extensioned nemeses (shades of Manitou) who live on the RESERVATION next door? C'mon. Still, better than HBO's crappy TRUE BLOOD with unwatchable ANNA PAQUIN...expected so much more from ALAN BALL.

At least I sat through some great trailers...can't wait for THE UNBORN and PUSH.
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  1. Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning?! Count me in! She's Bette Davis for the 21st century and he's just... well, you know... HOT!